Important for our English readers

Important: To all of our english likers and followers: The website is in french as you already saw it but starting right now, we will do our best to make the website more accessible to you.

We already post every trailer in english with french subtitles so you can watch and understand them. We will also try to put more content in english starting right now because you are as much important to us as french talking people.

As for our movie premieres we will attend in the future, they will be published both in french and english with great pictures and videos so you can enjoy them as much as we do.

Of course it would be impossible for us to translate everything but we will do our best to make your visit enjoyable in every possible way

I really hope you’ll stick with us and even talk to us in english over here as we always answer. Even if it’s a request, a translation or just the pleasure of talking with us, feel free to do it. As you can see we understand english and as for myself (Chris) I really like to talk with people from different countries and love to express myself in english more than I enjoy it in french.

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